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Verticals Agency Instagram Posts

Brand Design / Social Media Design


The President of Verticals Agency approached me with the task to design branded Instagram posts to boost the agency's visual identity. The Agency is known for their marketing work for musicians and lifestyle brands. Their brand consists of black and white along with a vibrant red for that pop of color. As their contract social artist, I search for content from their clients that I believe are compelling enough to live on their feed. I then repurpose the photos into branded Instagram grids. Each post functions individually and as a group. After a few months of trial and error creating curated posts, we landed on a handmade style to portray the agency on social. Posts that look like collages, paint splatters and strokes, ripped paper, doodles, and beyond help to create a "cool" and refreshing approach to your typical Instagram feed. This ongoing project was very fun!

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