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PartnerHero Brand Identity System 

Branding / Illustration / Art Direction / Photo Editing / Web Design / Package Design / Print Design


I've had the pleasure of working as the Senior Graphic Designer at PartnerHero for two years. When I started at PartnerHero, they had a minimal brand that consisted of fonts, colors, their logo, a simple illustration style, and a website that barely touched on the company's capabilities. It was clear that PH needed to expand their brand system to level them up in the global outsourcing industry facing many other B2B competitors. 

I worked with the Creative Director to add visual elements to the brand's guideline system so that all the visual assets the company needed to promote themselves and build new partner relationships could be created and maintained with ease while speaking to the organic personable culture at PartnerHero.

Creative Director: Nicole Powell

Jr Graphic Designer: Roberto Villegas


Brand Guidelines

We took PartnerHero's original brand and gave it a face lift. The logo stayed the same, but everything else changed pretty significantly. We brightened the colors, updated the fonts, and created iconography and graphic styles that aim to tell the PH story of humanizing work. The brand feels personable, approachable, and fun without accessing the juvenile. 


Website Overhaul

PH's website needed a serious refresh. Over the span 6 months, I worked with the Marketing Department to move the entire PartnerHero website over to Webflow and completely redo all of the content. After collecting all the copy in meticulously organized Google Docs, I started to build wireframes of the site and create draft pages in Webflow. We launched the new site in Q2 of 2021 along with several SEO pages, and have seen a huge increase in organic traffic.


Presentation Template

Every company needs a baller presentation template that's easy to use and accessible across the company for internal and external use. I created a template in Google Slides that allows my coworkers to create gorgeous slide decks for their weekly meetings and RFPs.  


Event Print Assets

PartnerHero has had the chance to attend several industry events in the US as COVID restrictions have lifted. I designed several stickers, a little 4.75"x 4.75" booklet talking about their services and culture, and bannerstands to represent the company out in the wild! I even had the chance to set up my designs at the Support Driven Summit event in Portland Oregon. 

Angie Smith Photography-8982.jpg
Angie Smith Photography-9995.jpg
Angie Smith Photography-0213.jpg

Branded Swag

I had the chance to design several apparel and packaging projects for PartnerHero's swag store and welcome packages to employees and new partners. We even had a photoshoot at the Boise office for the swag store that I helped to art direct. 

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